Near Sighted or Far Sighted

by Brandi Pillow

I have terrible vision. Lee and Angela can both attest to that, they’ve seen the results of my eye exams! I happen to be very near sighted, so much so that I am totally dependent on my glasses and my feet barely hit the floor in the morning before I’m reaching for them. If things are up close, I’m kind of ok but from far away, everything is just a blur, lacking clarity and distinction.

I’m also coming to see that I’m near sighted in other ways as well. Over the past several weeks both the sermons and the Young Adult Sunday School’s study of Galatians have helped remind me that so often, I lack the patience to see as far as God does. There are times when I become impatient and want to know the answers, want to see the fruition of the plan, want to know the outcome. But that is thinking and expecting on a human timeline that can only take into account the little bit I can see of the bigger picture. God is incredibly “far sighted” and, as Jeremiah 29:11 reminds us, has “plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me a hope and a future.” Plans that are, truthfully, beyond my wildest dreams.

I never saw myself being a teacher and, actually, I actively ran from that as a career and a calling for a long time. But God saw me in that role long before I could picture myself there. And I won’t say that every day is sunshine and roses but I truly love what I do and am so thankful that I get to impact the lives of my students every day.

I thought after one round of graduate school and a Master’s degree that I was done being a student myself. But God saw things differently, and with lots of love and support from our wonderful family and friends, I am working my way towards a Master’s of Fine Arts with an anticipated graduation date of December 2020. So many doors and opportunities have been opened through this that I had never even imagined for myself. But God knew better than me where this road was leading.

I have wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl but I assumed that was a far-off dream, not something that I would ever actually pursue. But God has presented opportunities to write and share my ideas with people in some of the most unexpected ways. I may never become a commercial success as a writer but I am excited to see all of the ways God has planned to use my writing.

There are absolutely areas of my life where I’m still struggling with letting my near sightedness diminish the wonder and joy of God’s far sighted plans. Letting worry, doubt, and fear filter in during the waiting times is something I have to fight against. Also, I have to work to resist the temptation to try to follow my own path and plans that seem so good in the moment when I’m not having enough patience to wait on God’s better plan. I am so thankful for the family and friends, especially my Westminster family, that God has provided to walk alongside me during these times, to encourage me in my weaknesses and to share Christ-filled insight with me! Ask yourself today, where are you letting your near-sightedness overshadow God’s amazing far-sighted works for your life?

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Thank you for sharing! I’m just like you “near-sighted” to my life but God is “far-sighted”... He He has a plan and we can trust Him... no matter what!

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