The Westminster Podcast

We've decided that it's time for a change! While the blog has been a great encouragement to all who read it (AND to those who have written posts), we're shifting our focus to...

Westminster Podcast

Yes! Our podcast is getting an upgrade! We plan to have three different series:

  1.  Information Desk - In this series, we plan to highlight news and upcoming events in the church each month. These episodes will be brief, so you can get up-to-date information in the car on your way to work or school. Check out our first episode in this series now!!

  2. Now That's a Good Question... - How many times have you had a question about something that you read in the Bible that you just can't reconcile with something else that you've read? Or wondered how a Christian should interact with the world today? This series will be devoted to answering the hard questions. 
  3. Meet a Member - We will continue with our interviews of members. Haven't heard this yet? Be sure to check out some of the past interviews here.

And don't worry - we'll still be posting on the blog from time to time. If you ever have something that you would like to share, please reach out to us! Member posts are always our favorites!

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