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Westminster Welcomes Ian Kayser


Ian Kayser PicIan Kayser
Director of Family Ministries

During our Vision Lunch two weeks ago, Lee introduced Ian Kayser as Westminster’s new Director of Family Ministries. The Session is very excited about Ian joining us! Historically, Westminster’s pastoral leadership has consisted of a Senior Pastor and a Youth and Families Pastor. However, throughout this past year, the Session carefully and prayerfully assessed our needs as a congregation and concluded that a different model would serve Westminster’s health more effectively. Consequently, as opposed to hiring a Youth Pastor, the Session fully believes that the best direction forward is to hire a Director of Family Ministries. It is with that thinking that the Session sought to hire Ian Kayser.

Ian has served at Hope Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Memphis, TN and is currently serving Fellowship Bible Church in Springfield, MO. Ian is originally from New Mexico, but he is no stranger to the Delta. His wife, Harper, grew up just down the road in Leland, MS and they regularly visit family there. Ian and Harper have two children, Ruby Charis (4) and Julia Ryan (18 months). Ian and Harper are passionate about the Gospel and building Christ-centered relationships. Throughout the interview process, the Session enjoyed getting to know the Kaysers and we’re sure y’all will as well.

There are several reasons we think Ian is the perfect candidate and will be a great fit at WPC in this new role:

First, though the “youth pastor model” can be very effective in engaging our youth for the Gospel, we think a Director of Family Ministries can better encourage health within our youth ministry. Over the past 15 months, Westminster’s youth ministry has been run completely by a team of volunteers. Mischa McCray and several of Westminster’s young adults have taught Sunday School and Wednesday night studies, organized events and chaperoned trips. As a result, two wonderful things have come out of this. First, our youth have had the opportunity to see young couples (some of which aren’t much older than the youth) serve the local church. The youth have been taught well, but they’ve also seen that they don’t have to be an ordained minister to do ministry. Our volunteers have done something that youth pastors can’t. They’ve modeled for our youth “every member ministry”. Second, this volunteer model has also given our young adults an opportunity to serve at WPC. This has given our next generation a chance to lead in our church. Thus, both our youth and volunteers have benefited from this model. Therefore, the Session doesn’t want this model to end, but rather, we want to bring in someone who can both engage and pursue our youth, as well as equip volunteers to continue serving. Ian is the perfect candidate for this position, as he excels at organization and planning, and yet is outgoing and personable. Ian will pursue personal relationships with our students while also working with our volunteers.

Second, Ian will not only oversee our youth ministry, but he will also work with the Session and myself to better equip the saints of Westminster. Ian brings with him many years of experience in discipleship ministry. Consequently, Ian will work with our women (WIC), men, young adults, and children’s ministries to better facilitate discipleship.

Third, Ian is a talented administrator and communicator. We are excited that Ian will be assisting in the various administrative duties within Westminster, as well as teaching and preaching on a semi-regular basis.

The Session of Westminster is excited to welcome the Kaysers to our church family and hope you all join the excitement! Ian will be moving from Springfield, MO within the month and will begin his time at Westminster this fall. But, until they get here, please join me in praying for Ian and his family. Pray for their transition from Springfield to Greenwood, pray for Ian as he goes through the fiery trials of the PCA ordination exams, and pray that the Kaysers could sell their home in Springfield.

Your pastor and friend,



Well said Bart! WPC is pumped to welcome you all with arms wide open:)!

Welcome to a wonderful and loving family.

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