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2016 Advent Devotional

by Richard Owens


Advent, from the Latin word adventus, means “coming.” During Advent Season, we have the opportunity to anticipate and celebrate the fact that our hero has come. It doesn’t take much to see how the world around us prepares for the coming of the retail holiday as we begin to see advertisements and Christmas decorations in stores. In our busy world, it’s easy to diligently prepare our homes for the coming Christmas season and all the while neglect preparing our hearts to celebrate the coming of our King. This Advent, Westminster has put together a book of devotionals for that purpose. It is my hope that this small devotional provides breathing room and helps our souls prepare Jesus room this Advent Season.

In the devotional booklet, we have compiled short devotionals that have been written by members of Westminster. Each is meant to encourage you as you focus your thoughts on Christ in preparation of the celebration of his birth on December 25th. Along with these devotionals, we have provided a list of daily Scripture readings from The Revised Common Lectionary, accompanied by a space to journal your thoughts as you read them. In the Scripture lessons, you will notice an overarching theme throughout all of Scripture, pointing us to God’s ultimate plan to send a Savior into this world to rescue us.

The first devotional is meant to be read on December 1st (this Thursday). There are still plenty of copies at the church, so come and pick up a copy if you haven’t already.

“O Come, O Come Emmanuel”!

To God be the Glory,
Rev. Richard Owens

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