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The Gospel & The #MeToo Movement

by Trey O'Brien

As we heard the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and saw his arrest for heinous crimes of sexual assault on numerous women in Hollywood, we were repulsed.  When we heard the guilty verdicts from the Bill Cosby jury trial regarding his accusations of felony sexual assault, we were heart broken that “America’s Dad” had been found to be a predator and a rapist.  These and many other allegations have rocked our nation with the reality of how widespread sexual assault is in the United States.  We are sickened and feel so bad for the victims.  What can the church do to engage our culture in these matters?

I have harbored this thought for a while now as I consider how predatory our culture has become—especially as Elizabeth and I raise two daughters.  I feel fairly insulated in Greenwood (even though sexual assault is more prevalent here than I realize) and want to know how I can be active in protecting my girls, the young ladies at WPC, and those in our town.  Is the #MeToo Movement helpful or harmful to the church as we try to protect our family, friends, and neighbors?  Maybe some of you are wondering what is the #MeToo Movement anyway? 

Whitney Woollard, writer and speaker, recently penned an article for the 9Marks ministry that I found to be winsome, helpful, and hopeful.  She tackles what the #MeToo movement is, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and how the church can (and should) get involved.

I have attached the link below.  I hope that the article helps you as we all consider how we as Christians should be involved in loving/protecting those around us and offering hope (to the victims & predators) that is found in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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