FANOS In Action

by Trey O'Brien

Greetings from our living room!  We enjoyed the Marriage Conference this past weekend and I thought I’d share a vlog in which we’re practicing one of the exercises that we learned for better communication.

FANOS “is a daily practice for building intimacy”:

Feeling - this is the emotional “check in”

Affirmation - this is intentional affirmation of a characteristic of your spouse

Need - What do I need from my spouse?  Can be emotional, physical, or practical.

Ownership - What do I need to take ownership or responsibility for in the relationship?

Spirituality/Sobriety - This is the identification of a struggle. There was encouragement to rate 1-5 (1 - feeling really detached from the Lord and His Word; 5 - feeling near to Jesus and seeing growth spiritually)

Enjoy and I hope all of you are having a great week.

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Trey and Elizabeth! In the most sincere way I can say it, "thanks for sharing"!! Truly, so helpful! I love the demonstration, what a GREAT idea!! It really helped me see it put to practice in another marriage. FANOS has been a very helpful tool for Rich and me! So much unexpected fruit has come from the tools provided and discussions that are happening around the conference

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