Mission of the Month: Palmer Home for Children

Westminster’s Mission of the Month for December is Palmer Home for Children. Palmer Home is a Christian organization that provides residential care without charge and an introduction to God through service, to children who have a need for viable placement. There are currently two locations: Columbus and Hernando, MS. Serving individual children as well as sibling groups, Palmer Home provides a family and community to children in need, regardless of race, gender or background.

Palmer Home for Children answered God’s call to intervene in the lives of orphans in 1895. Since that time, they have helped to improve the lives of thousands of children in need from all over the country. Each child lives in a home with a caregiver who is a full-time employee of Palmer Home. Sibling groups are kept together, and they always seek to reconcile ties to biological families whenever possible.

All Palmer Home caregivers live in on-site cottages with the children entrusted to their care. Each caregiver receives rigorous training, learning how to care for the most visible needs in a child’s life, while also giving attention to all the areas affected by the most pressing need, whether physical, emotional, educational or spiritual.

Palmer Home is committed to a “Whole Child Initiative.” This thoughtful approach addresses four important areas in the life of a child, including their physical development, emotional healing, educational support, and spiritual growth. It is believed that these four areas will help them overcome the challenges of their past and provide the foundation to become responsible, caring adults.

So how can you become an active supporter of Palmer Home for Children?

In addition to the financial support that Westminster provides to Palmer Home, there are very tangible ways that you can help to support this ministry:

  1. Prayer. As Palmer Home for Children seeks to rescue children and restore hope in their lives, nothing can help more than your prayerful support. The prayers of you and your family are essential in their efforts to show these children the love and grace of Jesus.
  2. Missions Trips. Volunteer teams are always welcome at either of the Palmer Home campuses (Columbus and Hernando). If you are interested in volunteering your time, there are many opportunities ranging from construction to campus maintenance.
  3. Caregivers. Each campus has available caregiving opportunities. If you or someone you know feels called to care for children in need, consider a role as either a relief or even a full-time caregiver.
  4. Support. Palmer Home for Children accepts no state or federal funding, operating solely on the generosity of their donors. If you feel led to give personally to Palmer Home, you may do so by clicking here.

Please pray for the children of Palmer Home, their caregivers, and all of the staff and leadership of this organization. To learn more about Palmer Home, click here to visit their website.

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