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Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World's Largest Religion

by Anne Marie Owens

Beginning Thursday, May 7th  from 5:15-6:15pm in the fireside room, all women (and friends) of Westminster will have the opportunity to participate in a 12 week summer book club on Rebecca Mclaughlin’s book, “Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World’s Largest Religion”. The intention behind choosing this book is to lean on one another for theological accuracy and insight, and thereby spur one another on toward deeper confidence in the authority and sufficiency of Scripture.  

Make no mistake, the questions Mclaughlin addresses in each chapter are already being answered by the media, the entertainment industry, and by our children’s peers and college professors. This book club is an attempt to not bury our heads in the sand, but rather to rationally and Biblically confront the real challenges that our culture is raising up against belief in Christianity. If we want to remain faithful to Scripture’s admonishment in 1 Peter, “always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you”, now is the time & WPC fireside room is the place.

As the cover of Mclaughlin’s book reads, “Christianity is the most widespread global belief system, and promises to remain so well into the future. But for many educated westerners, biblical Christianity is a dangerous idea—challenging some of their deepest beliefs. Channeling state-of-art research, personal stories, and careful biblical study, Confronting Christianity explores 12 questions that keep many of us from considering faith in Christ. Look more closely, Mclaughlin argues, and the reality of suffering, the complexity of sexuality, the desire for diversity, the success of science, and other potential roadblocks to faith become signposts. Jesus becomes not a relic from the ancient world, but our modern world’s best hope.”  So please join us Thursday nights in May and let us reason together because Jesus truly is our Better hope!

Click here to listen to a podcast of Nancy Guthrie interivewing author Rebecca McLaughlin.

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