2019 YoungLives Update

by Shelbi Lamb

Dear Westminster friends,

Thank you so very much for your continued support of YoungLives. Your financial support of our little, local ministry means so very much to us - as do your prayers and your presence. YoungLives experienced a wonderful fall semester. We have begun a Bible study focusing on our “First Love” - Jesus. This has lead to so many great discussions on how we try to fill our lives with things of this world - money, success, boys, friends, alcohol, drugs, etc - and how we will never fully experience joy, peace and abundant life until we make our First Love...Jesus. As we have studied God’s word, we’ve also done fun crafts - made fun candle globes out of mason jars, painted pumpkins at Halloween and played a few fun, silly games.

In December, we met at my house for a wonderful little Christmas party. We had a great dinner provided by Junior Auxiliary, decorated cookies provided by a local Bible study group, and just enjoyed some fun fellowship with these precious moms. Each girl left with a warm, fuzzy blanket, a children’s Bible, and several brand new toys for their children. It was a special night. I always enjoy opening my home to these girls, our mentors and volunteers. 

We are looking forward to another great semester and hopefully taking a few girls to Camp Clearwater Cove this summer in Branson, MO. It’s an amazing camp and an even more amazing experience for these young moms. This past summer we took 3 moms, 3 babies, 2 mentors and 2 childcare workers. The location is simply gorgeous. Table Rock Lake was a huge hit with the girls. I will never forget getting in the lake with one girl who had never experienced floating before. We strapped her in a life jacket and as she eased off that dock into that big, beautiful lake - she experienced the sensation of floating for the first time. Her nervous laughter was mixed with pure elation. I will never forget her face as long as I live. Oh how this mirrors our faith in Jesus - trusting in that life jacket to hold us up when our feet can’t even come close to touching the bottom. Good stuff. 

Our next meeting will be Monday, January 21st at 6pm at First Baptist Church. Please come join us - we always say....if you ever come experience this ministry, you will be hooked. The love shared as we gather together is palpable. I have learned over the years that God has simply called me to love these moms and babies. I can mess up the message, the craft can be a flop (and it has been - too many times to count. Ha), it can be loud and chaotic - but these young women keep coming back. Why?....because they are loved. It’s faith in action - loving those that feel unlovable. Thank you all for believing in what we are doing and for walking alongside us. It wouldn’t be possible without faithful friends like you. May God bless your faithfulness in this new year.

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Shelbi, Thank you for loving these precious girls. I can attest to the fact that they are loved well, by you and others. So many have changed lives because of this ministry. I miss my younglives girls and the joy they bring. Thank you for continuing to love and support these girls! I know 2 of my Young Life friends that can’t wait to go back and serve with you at camp this summer!! May God continue to bless and grow this amazing ministry!

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