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Westminster's Mission of the Month: YoungLives

by Shelbi Lamb

First of all, let me thank the kind folks at Westminster for your support. YoungLives is very thankful for your investment in our ministry to teen mothers and their children in Leflore County. We could not continue to do this ministry without people like you who take missions to heart and believe in investing in our community.


We are in the middle of another blessed year of YoungLives. We continue to meet the third Monday of each month at First Baptist. God has provided on so many fronts for our ministry. As I’m getting close to the 10 year mark in serving as coordinator for YoungLives, it amazes me to look back and see how God has met our every need. When we needed help providing meals so that we could be free to give rides to meetings, God brought the amazing ladies of Junior Auxilary alongside us to provide a wonderful, hot meal each month and better serve it to us. When we’ve needed childcare, Godly women have stepped up to faithfully show up month after month to love on some sweet kiddos. As the number of girls has increased, God has recently brought some new faces to Greenwood who have become the hands and feet of Jesus as mentors. It’s been humbling and just plain awesome to see how God has provided at every turn so that we could forge some amazing relationships with some beautiful teen moms.


One of the very first moms we met through YoungLives just graduated from Mississippi Valley State University with a Bachelors degree in social work this December. I’ve never been more proud of anyone. As Heather Harris and I sat and watched sweet Jasmine walk across that stage and defy the statistics that teen moms don’t graduate from high school - much less college - we had a full circle moment.  We’ve walked beside her through life for nearly 9 years. We’ve had long talks about relationships, school, jobs, families, and Jesus. I hope she’s been half as blessed by our friendship as I have been. I can’t wait to watch her sweet son continue to grow and see what life brings their way. As we move forward this year with YoungLives, God has reminded me that this is what he has called us to do....and maybe not just called us to do - commanded us to do....”life on life” with those around us. Sharing the Gospel by sharing life with others. Our monthly meetings give us structure and a time of fellowship, but the car rides, the phone calls, the hard times, the little victories....that’s where people see Jesus in us. Jesus’ whole ministry on earth was relational - so when he leaves us with the two greatest commands - to love God and love others....I think this is what he love those He puts in our lives. It’s messy, it’s hard, it’s humbling.....but man, is it so very sweet as well.

We would love for you to come walk with us in this ministry as we continue to learn how to serve these young ladies. Come do life with us. Contact me or Meagan Howard if you want to know how you can be involved. We will be gearing up for another week of summer camp before you know it. We plan to take 3 or 4 girls to Clearwater Cove right outside Branson, Missouri, in June. We can always use financial help covering camp costs - it’s truly the best week ever!

Thank you, Westminster, for walking with us as we walk with teen moms. You are a blessing to us.

Shelbi Lamb
YoungLives Coordinator
YoungLife of Leflore County 

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I have been searching for you all. I will get in touch with you as soon as I. I really hope this is the Richard Owens Ministry I was once a member. I would love to be apart of. My number is 9725050055

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