The Bible Recap

by Sarah Waldrop

As a Mom I’ve struggled to find my rhythm with reading the Bible and getting into God’s word every day. Every time we complete a study at WPC, I am reminded of just how rewarding and fulfilling it is to be in the word regularly. I finish a study kind of on a “high” ready to dive right in on my own, but quickly find I desperately need some direction and guidance. I’ve felt convicted to get up early and read my Bible first thing in the morning, but that has been a struggle for me. I was consistent for a few days, but with a one year old, mornings aren’t always predictable and I hate for that designated time to be easily consumed with another distraction.

Thanks to encouraging women in our Church, I was introduced to the Bible Recap, a chronological Bible reading plan. Each day you read the assigned readings (two or 3 chapters of a book of the Bible) and then tune into the Bible Recap podcast for an eight minute recap of what you read. An eight minute breakdown and deep dive into God’s word. You hear historical information, different translations and meanings of words used, and an explanation for why some things we would consider small or unimportant are actually really big meaningful things.

Haven’t we all decided to read through the Bible, made it through Genesis and our interest tapered off? (Yeah….guilty!) I started this reading plan in the New Testament, in the Gospels documenting Jesus’ life and death as well as parables I’ve read many times, and have loved that through this God is teaching me so many new things about himself and his love for me. (Don’t worry – I fully intend on tackling the Old Testament next with guidance from this reading plan.)

I’m sharing this because I’m excited about this reading plan and feeling that I’m truly making progress reading through the Bible. I love popping in my headphones for the podcast and thinking “what is she going to unveil today?” because there are so many things I don’t connect on my own. The best part is, I’ve started to get into a routine. I don’t want to listen to the podcast until I’ve done the reading, so my anticipation for that time of learning is accompanied by time spent reading God’s word. No, this does not happen first thing in the morning for me, but I’m thankful God prepares my heart for this time of study to take place at some point during my day. Praise the Lord for the gift of technology and utilizing it to learn more about him!

To learn more about the Bible Recap and join me and many others as we read through the Bible, visit:


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