RYM 2021

by Mary Laine Dyksterhouse


I had so much fun at RYM this year! RYM is a Christian summer camp for churches. It is a five day long adventure near Panama City Beach, Florida, and has lots of fun activities! During free time, you can play on the beach, swim in the ocean or the pool, you can play sand soccer or gaga ball, and lots of other fun things! Unfortunately, I broke my foot before I went, so I couldn't play in the ocean. My favorite activity was the pool.

However, this is a Christian camp, so our first priority was studying and worshipping God. At RYM, they offer many electives and you can choose three to attend. Usually you have all three in one day, but with Covid, we had one each day. My favorite elective was called "Grow Your Faith." It focused on getting to know God better. One tip the teacher gave us was how to start reading your Bible. He told us to start with a book of the Bible and finish that as quickly or as slowly as we want. Then, ask for recommendations on the next book based on what we thought of the book we'd just read. 


They also had a morning and an evening gathering where we sang and worshipped Christ. One of our themes for these gatherings was "Worldview." Our worldview is what we think of the world. It can be as simple as what the best ice cream flavor is or as complicated as whether there is a God.

Not only does RYM have amazing classes and activities, it also has amazing food! They provided three meals a day which were delicious! There was always dessert at dinner, which was my favorite part! If you needed a snack during the day, they had a cafè where you could buy a regular snack, coffee, or even ice cream!

All in all, RYM is a great place to spend your summer. I had so much fun, and I can't wait until next year!


What a great article! It sounds like a pace ANYONE would love to go.
This is inclusive, informative, and inspirational! Sorry about your foot!

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