Encouraging Partnership

by T.Mac Howard

Unfortunately, every student who attends Delta Streets Academy does not stay at Delta Streets Academy. In early February, we had one student that withdrew from DSA for certain reasons. When this happens, it is always tough to see the student go. But in this instance, it was extremely tough. The young man had been enrolled at DSA since his 7th grade year back in 2013-2014. While he has had his struggles at school, we were beginning to see some maturity as he was close to finishing out his junior year. But, God had other plans…

And this is where I hope you are encouraged by a partnership that WPC and DSA have with French Camp Academy. As soon as I knew the student wasn’t going to be enrolled at our school anymore, I immediately called Coach Hosket who oversees the school there in French Camp. Because of my ties to WPC, Coach and I have built a really good relationship in a short amount of time. Once I recommended our student as a possible boarding student at FCA, he went to work. And within about two days, the student, his mom, and I made the sixty minute drive to French Camp to take a tour and go through the admissions process. After three more days, that student was enrolled and living on campus.

I received a letter from the young man last week that was super encouraging! Now he has only been there three weeks, but I am optimistic that he will not only finish the year on a strong note, but actually grow in all areas of life over the next three months. He even shared with me his opportunity to share the Gospel with his roommate who was claiming to be an atheist.

Like all of us, he has so much to learn and so many areas where he needs to continue to grow. And because of churches like Westminster, he has had that opportunity. So THANK YOU for your support. And THANK YOU for supporting French Camp Academy. Please continue to pray for both schools and the students who are enrolled!

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