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A Thank-You To Westminster

by Alex Fletcher

Dear Westminster,

Thank you for providing me with something that I had never experienced in my life. Having grown up without a church home, Westminster has provided me with not only a home, but an avenue to grow spiritually. This church has impacted me thru Christ in the last ten years in a way that I never foresaw or expected. It was so far from my reality to ever speak publicly about my faith, pray earnestly within a church group, teach a Sunday school class, or have the thought of becoming any kind of leader within the church. The members of Westminster have encouraged me in a way that has led me to take on those things with a zeal for Christ and an understanding of truth and service that I have never before grasped.

I grew up rarely going to church and never having a church community. Friends and family members would go to church regularly, but their attendance was never in conjunction with truly living for Christ or exemplifying what it is to be a Christian in the church, in the home, and in the community.

I had respectful men in my life, but never godly examples of men that were truly seeking Christ, biblically fathering their children, devoted to their wives, and leading as Christ led. I have observed genuine Christian men through Westminster. Never could I have anticipated being a part of a men’s Christian accountability group that encouraged me to read the word, memorize scripture, be Christ-like, and who would pray for me in my struggles.

I have been approached by members who had a genuine concern for my well-being during difficult times and asked about my relationship with Christ without judgment. Members have taken the time to sympathize and be honest about similar struggles and sins. I have had phone calls and messages from people within in the church that I never would have thought were even aware of certain situations and they offered their encouragement or condolences.

My wife was raised in this church and her being grounded in her faith was without a doubt the works of Christ through this Church. The relationships that she has cultivated at Westminster have been incredibly special. Again, having never had a church community, this was something completely foreign to me. Older generations have seen Meredith grow up from the day she was born. That is special. It is something that I want for our children.

The leadership of Westminster are true men and women of Christ. I can wholeheartedly say that those in positions of leadership are Godly people. Their actions speak for themselves. There is a true concern for teaching the truth and that is always the priority. A joy for serving just as Christ served is evident in the work that is done here.

I cannot express how grateful my family and I are for this church. Meredith and I talk about it often. Richard and Anne Marie, the music, the Sunday school classes, the fellowship, the true friendships, the children’s ministry, the nursery workers… We are truly blessed with an extended family like I have never known.

Westminster – God has used you and continues to use you to bring myself and others closer to Christ.

I pray that, as I continue to grow in Christ, I become a tool for his work as you all have been to me.

-Alex Fletcher

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This is so awesome Alex! We are grateful to have you and your family as part of our church!

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