May Mission of the Month - Missionaries to South Asia

Our “Mission of the Month” for this month is a missionary family in South Asia. Because they are in a closed country and any information about them must remain confidential, we’ll just call them “B & M.” Unfortunately, “B & M” were supposed to be making a visit to Westminster on May 17th. They were planning to update us in person on their ministry and life in Asia. But, due to the lockdown restrictions from COVID-19, their plans have changed.

Their flight to the US was scheduled to leave on April 17th, but that flight was cancelled. They were given the option to take a repatriation flight organized by the US Embassy, but said no due to high cost and also a desire to stay there and minister through this lockdown. They live in a large city, in an apartment, and have been confined to their home for quite a while. Because the markets are very small with limited supply, they have been unable to stock up on things, so “B” has been taking semi-daily trips to the store. And they struggle to find meat, so meal planning has gotten more creative these days. It is also very hot there and they have no air conditioning, so turning on the oven to cook has been “torture.” There have been a lot of showers and cold drinks to help.

Although it would be easy to complain and become a bit stir-crazy,  “B & M” have had quite the opposite reaction to this time of isolation. They can see God doing great things in and through their family. They have kept busy baking for their neighbors and coordinating donations of food for day-laborers around them. “B” has been preaching, leading a book discussion, and teaching online. “M” has made a few videos for their church’s children’s ministry.  Their children have been homeschooling, crafting, and organizing family board games. (Maybe life in South Asia isn’t all that different from life in Greenwood/at Westminster these days, huh?) They are praising God for what they consider to be a gracious ministry at home.

They have asked that we pray that they would continue to be creative in their ministry and family life. They have been making daily schedules and trying to stay organized. Please pray that flights will open up for them this month so that they can return to the United States for their scheduled sabbatical. Their visa expires in June, so they need to come to America to renew that. Pray for them also as they have to say goodbye to their friends, as they will be back in the U.S. for six months.

Also, please pray for their next visa. “B” has had a job opportunity open up that would allow them to remain in their country on an employment visa. However, that (like much of the economy) is on hold. Because of this, the job offer may no longer be an option. They are in a state of uncertainty concerning their return to their country.

Pray that they would remain bold, comforting, and winsome as they bring the hope of the Gospel to unbelieving friends during this time. They remain encouraged by Romans 16:25-27, “strengthened by the gospel,” and hoping to “bring glory to the only wise God, forevermore through Jesus Christ!” They remain encouraged by the support and prayers of Westminster and want to thank you for partnering alongside them through this perilous time.

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