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Dinners for Eight

To sign-up for Dinners for Eight, click here.


Dinners for Eight is an opportunity for the people of Westminster Presbyterian – both members and visitors – to build relationships and get to know one another over a meal. We hope that Dinners for Eight will help build a strong community within Westminster.


To sign up for Dinners for Eight is to commit to one dinner with seven other people, some or all of whom you may not know. Once each quarter, you are able to sign up for the next round of Dinners for Eight via the home page of our website. When you submit your name, you are only signing up for one round of Dinners for Eight. If you want to participate in the next quarter, you will need to sign up again, which means that you are only committing to one dinner at a time. Each quarter, the groups will change and you will get the chance to sign up to eat with a different group of eight people. A leader from each group is randomly designated, and that person is responsible for emailing or calling the group to set up a date and time for everyone to eat dinner together sometime within the next three months.


The leader can choose whether the group will eat in his/her home, someone else’s home, or at a restaurant. We do not want leaders of the groups to feel as though they must invite everyone into their home, although eating with someone in his/her home can be a fun way to build intimate community. If the leader chooses to eat in his/her home, he/she can ask the group members to bring various elements of the meal when they arrive. (Group leaders receive detailed emails with suggestions for how to plan the dinner.)

  • Fall sign-ups start August 15 and end September 15 (to eat with your group once during September-November)
  • Winter sign-ups start January 12 and end February 1 (to eat with your group once during February-March)
  • Summer sign-ups start May 1 and end May 31 (to eat with your group once during June-August)