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New Here

New Here

Westminster Has a New Logo



As Westminster moves forward in a society that has become more and more digital, it became necessary to create a digital image that embodied our church. With that in mind we have established the above logo as our base image from which we will draw inspiration for other images associated with the marketing and representation of Westminster.


The image you see is a combination of themes that we felt represented both our church and the Greenwood community. It is an oak leaf infused with the image of the cross directly in the center. The following themes are represented in this image:

PRIORITIES – We wish to be known first and foremost as a church that has the Gospel message at our center. We intentionally placed the Cross in the middle of the leaf, as well as integrated it into the leaf to represent this hope. We want to be a church that not only represents the cross, but integrates it deeply into our daily lives.

TRADITION – The original image associated with our congregation was the image of a full grown oak tree. We felt it important to draw upon the traditions of our founders as we look to the future of Westminster. Oak trees are strong, enduring, and beautiful testaments to God’s creation, and we hope that as a congregation the same can be said about us.

AGRICULTURE – Greenwood is a community centered on agriculture. We felt the dichotomy of the color scheme represented the two main seasons of farming. We plant in the spring (green) and we harvest in the fall (orange/red). We also want to be a church that plants spiritual seeds, in order to bring forth a great and bountiful harvest, and thought this theme was an excellent representation of that desire.

LIFE/DEATH – In Christ alone can we truly be brought from death to life. The fallen leaf on the right represents our old life of sin, and the green leaf on the left represents our reborn life in the Gospel. We want to be a church that is known for taking in people dead in their sins, and pointing them to Christ to be made alive.

In conclusion it is important to note that an image can never fully define our congregation. Westminster is and will always be defined best by the men and women who devote themselves to the teachings of the Bible, fellowship with each other, earnest prayer for one another, and the declaration of the Gospel to our community.