The Heart of Motherhood


It’s hard to describe motherhood, but if I could use one word could describe it, I think that word would be “transforming.” Being a mom is all about ushering along transformations, both big and small. On a daily basis, we help waking children go from pjs to play clothes, turn hungry children into well-fed children, comfort upset children into calmed children, and the list goes on. As the years pass we watch as babies become preschoolers, preschoolers become elementary children, and eventually those children grow up. Each transformation, whether big or small, mundane or extraordinary, is a part of what God uses to chisel His image into the hearts of both moms and their children.

The challenge of motherhood is remembering that the important transformations are not the ones happening on the outside. The battles moms fight are not battles of flesh and blood. We don’t fight against the latest technology or social media app. Our battles aren’t against busy schedules, other parents, our child’s teacher, or even class bullies. The fight of motherhood is with the “cosmic powers over this present darkness and against the spiritual forces of evil.” The battlefield is the heart, both our own hearts and the hearts of our children.

Proverbs tells us, “above all else, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.” That means every interaction we have with our children and every interaction our children have, is from the heart. So the real question of motherhood is how do we protect and nurture the heart?

The answer isn’t complicated. It’s not some new philosophy or parenting strategy. The answer is a person. And his name is Jesus. The only true protection and source of life for the heart is Jesus. Jesus made our hearts and He is the only one who can both satisfy them and save them. Simply put, motherhood is all about knowing Jesus and about giving Jesus to our children.

So practically, what does that look like? It means we read and we memorize Jesus’ words with our children. We pray in Jesus’ name with our children. We sing songs about Jesus with our children. And we teach them that no problem is too small or too big to talk about with Jesus. Then we pray that, by doing those things. our children see that knowing Jesus is the best thing there is in life. Because, as Jesus told the woman at the well, everyone who drinks of the water of the world will be thirsty again, “but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” So when life is over-scheduled, when conflicts won’t quit, and when it all feels too mundane, as moms, let’s remember the real battlefield, the heart. And let’s give ourselves and our children a drink of the only water capable of satisfying, Jesus.

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Very well said, the natural tendency is not to turn to Jesus, but if we want life and the life we were intended to have that is satisfied in Jesus---you just answered how for ourselves and our children.

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