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Technology and Community

by Lee Coleman

The vast array of cultural topics we covered in our “Seven Toxic Ideas Polluting Your Mind” Sunday school made for some fantastic discussion, but also left a ton of unfollowed rabbit trails that we just couldn’t pursue due to time. In particular, the session on our addiction to technology had far too many angles to cover. One resource that I want to commend to you is a blog post by Tim Keller that details the impact of our modern technologies on our ability to participate in Christian community, and also some helpful insight in fighting this dilemma.

One easy way to dive into authentic community with your fellow believers at Westminster is to commit to participating in our next round of Sunday school. We are divvying up into smaller, age-specific classes where we can hopefully build new relationships and strengthen old ones with the goal of glorifying God by “one another-ing” each other more effectively.  See you there!


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