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RUF Update

by Meredith Buford, Brandi Pillow and Lee Coleman

Westminster’s Mission of the Month for the month of February is Reformed University Fellowship (RUF). We currently support three local RUF Campus Ministries: Delta State University, Mississippi State University, and the University of Mississippi. Read below to learn about these groups and specific ways to be in prayer for RUF:

Delta State University
Campus Minister: Ro Taylor


Ro Taylor and his wife Anna are the new RUF leaders at Delta State University. Ro, Anna, and their three boys moved to Cleveland last fall to begin working with the students of RUF after having been at Georgia Southern University with their campus ministry for the past 6 years. The goal of DSU’s RUF is to reach students for Christ and to “share the love and grace of God with students from all religious or denominational backgrounds.”


The main “large group” fellowship meeting and meal for the students is on Tuesdays at 7:37 pm on campus (and, no, that’s not a typo – they actually meet at 7:37!). In addition, they have over 15 small groups that offer students multiple ways to get involved with the campus ministry. The group also maintains a large presence on social media to keep students informed of what’s going on and ways for them to get plugged in to the various events and outreaches of the group. As members of Westminster, we can support this wonderful ministry through prayer as they seek to reach students and to see “DSU...transformed by the power and beauty of the presence of Christ.” 

Mississippi State University
Campus Minister: Elliott Everitt


Thank you for inquiring on behalf of your dear church about RUF at MSU. There are so many things we’d appreciate prayer for. RUF Winter Conference is coming up in 2 weeks. We are praying that the Lord will change hearts and strengthen relationships of the students who attend. Our spring semester has just started. Small group bible studies will begin this week. We are praying that students hear the gospel and respond with deeper love for Christ and each other. Prayer is always needed for our staff: Elliott, Allie and Ward; that they’d be encouraged and ready to speak truth when needed to students. 

With changes in campus ministers there is always a need for new, increased and continued monthly financial support of the ministry. 

There is also a standing invitation for anyone to join us Thursday nights at 7:00 in Dorman Auditorium for Large Group. 

Thank you and Westminster for your interest and support of the ministry. 

University of Mississippi
Campus Minister: Brian Sorgenfrei

ole miss

The Lord’s kindness has been evident this semester.  The Sorgenfrei family has adjusted to Oxford.  Liza is managing the chaos of all of us while opening the home often for students and friends.  Shelby (9) is into every sport and loving school.  Annie (7) is our performer and keeps us laughing.  Clark (4) is cheering hard for the Ole Miss Rebels – poor guy doesn’t understand why we don’t always win.  I am very thankful for my family, and for how welcoming the RUF Ole Miss students have been to us.


It has been fun being back on the campus of my alma mater.  Ole Miss has grown in population and there is a great need for the gospel of Jesus to bring life and satisfaction to students who are trying to find satisfaction anywhere and everywhere else.  It’s a great privilege to be on the campus, getting to know 18-22 year olds, and sharing the hope of Jesus with them.  We are there in large part due to the generosity of people like you.  Thank you for your support of this ministry and of my family.

How can you pray?

  • Would you pray for RUF to expand into the lives of students who come from different social, religious, racial and economic backgrounds?  We long for RUF to be a community of believers that are connected in friendship, not just through cultural similarities, but through the love of Christ.
  • We ask you to pray for those students involved with RUF that do not profess Christ.  Jesus seeks and saves the lost.  Would you pray that through friendships and His Word, the gospel would go to students who would not normally be interested in a campus ministry?  Pray that students will feel welcomed and have the freedom to ask questions and be honest, and that they will discover Jesus’ love for them.
  • Please continue to pray for our family.  Pray that our children (Shelby, Annie, Clark) would grow in their love and trust of Jesus.  And pray that I would be the “chief repenter” of the family.

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