RTS Update, June 2020

by Josh Reagan

Reformed Theological Seminary, or “RTS,” is our June “Mission of the Month.” We are passionate about the work that this seminary is doing in preparing pastors and missionaries who are committed to "Biblical fidelity, confessional integrity, academic excellence and spiritual growth.” And, we are thankful for the education that they have provided to the staff of Westminster! Richard Owens and Mischa McCray are both graduates of RTS and Josh Reagan is currently a student. Click here to learn more about RTS. Here is an update from Josh Reagan about life at RTS these days:

Update from RTS:

It is so easy to take for granted gifts that have been around for quite some time, and with RTS this is no exception. Since 1966, RTS has equipped pastors and counselors for the work of Christian ministry. Their motto is “A Mind for Truth, A Heart for God”, and as a current student I can say they are really working towards this goal. It is so easy to drift into cold intellectualism when we study Theology, but our study should fuel a burning desire to see Christ glorified. I greatly appreciate the encouragement that I receive from all the professors at the school. I am so thankful for their willingness to partner with churches, like Westminster, to help make ministerial education possible. During the last few months we have all been thrown into the deep end of a new reality. The staff at RTS responded quickly and efficiently to the situation, putting more stress on them while making it easier on the students. Professors that would normally lecture live had to tape their remaining lectures, and make adjustments for due dates and schedules. The transition happened so smoothly that it was hardly noticeable outside the fact that I was spending less money on gas. Praise the LORD! Within the coming months the school plans to welcome students back into the classroom, so please pray for this transition. Also, please pray that as we prepare our minds with TRUTH that our HEARTS would be captivated by the glory of Christ. Thank you Westminster family for all your generosity, helping equip the next generation of ministers.

In Christ,
Josh Reagan

Click here to read a letter to the RTS Family in light of our current national situation from Dr. Ligon Duncan, Chancellor and CEO of RTS.

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