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RTS Update

by Richard and Annie Owens

In all of the excitement of urban church planting, it's very easy to overlook the fact that the majority of the churches in America aren't in an urban setting.  Most churches in America are smaller, rural churches that are doing big things for the kingdom in their communities.  In this world of shiny urban ministries, RTS recently sought to bring out the beauty of ministry in a smaller setting, and they did so by highlighting a ministry in the Mississippi Delta of all places!  Linked, you'll find a wonderfully encouraging video about a pastor, a church, and a town many of you are very familiar with.  This video kicks against the church culture that says everything must be bigger, better, faster, fancier and shows us that often it's in the ordinary, mundane things that deep change happens.  This video made me very proud of my alma mater.   

In Christ,
Richard and Annie Owens

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Thanks, Richard. Heartwarming video!

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