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An Update from the Kellys

by Reid Kelly

Friends at Westminster,

Grace and peace to all of you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I want to give you a quick answer to the most common questions that I received when catching up with friends:

  1. How are you/Lindsey/kids? Well, we just learned that we get an extra week of Spring Break (under strange circumstances, albeit), so we’re great! It’s been a tough school year for Lindsey and I as we’ve looked forward to Collierville since the start of it, but the end is in sight. Nelson has amassed an encyclopedia of random information in his brain that he pulls out at any moment to prove how smart he is, and we’re all just praying that we can keep up with Cora at any given moment.
  2. So where do you actually live now? For the next month or two, we still live in Grenada. We currently have a contract on our home and just got back from apartment shopping in Collierville where we’ll move as soon as we close on our house in Grenada.
  3. How are things going with the church plant? Big news- the church plant has a name and logo! Trinity Church PCA. You can see and read about the name and logo here: The church is growing. We’re getting close to outgrowing our current space (an elementary school library), and we are experiencing something similar to our time at WPC that the elders I believe called the children tsunami. We have almost as many kids as adults (mostly 3rd grade and under), as well as two pregnancies in our group right now. So we’re about to hire a second children’s worker just for the bitty babies. Praise the Lord!
  4. Aren’t you starting seminary or something? Yes, I started in January with online class through Birmingham Theological Seminary. BTS is helping to start a new seminary in Memphis- Memphis City Seminary- so it seemed like a natural fit since we’re relocating to that area. I love that I get to flex my nerd muscles and deep dive into theology with other Bible nerds. I’ve barely left the starting blocks, but it’s been an enjoyable run thus far.
  5. How can we pray for yall? One of my coworkers in Grenada told me recently that he hates when people say that praying for him or a situation is ‘the least I could do.’ No, it’s not the ‘least’ you could do. Prayer is powerful. The sovereign God who created and sustains the universe and created the intricate complexities of life on this planet, all things visible and invisible, has invited us to humble ourselves, pray, and He promises to listen. So please, pray for us! Pray, that the name of King Jesus is spread in a community that is growing faster than churches are, pray that the Lord would continue to bless and protect the community and unity that exists in this baby church, pray that God would provide what we need and that we would trust in His provision and timing, and pray that this church would be faithful to the gospel message proclaimed by the scriptures for years and even centuries to come. We know that “for if this plan or this undertaking is of man, it will fail;  but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them.” Acts 5:38-39.
  6. Can we come visit yall at church? Yes, absolutely! We meet on Sunday evenings at 5:30 at ECS Lower School on the corner of Wolf River and Forest Hill Irene. We would love to host a Westminster field trip to the big city. And Hunter would love to see those of you that helped start Madison Heights with him who are now at WPC.

So Westminster, thank you so much for all that you have given and continue to give to my family and Trinity Church. A special thank you to Derek and the entire missions team for being so willing to come alongside and support our efforts. Thank you Richard for serving on our borrowed session until we elect our own elders. And thanks to the many of you who call or text to check in and encourage, and the many more of you who pray without ceasing for this work. If you would like to receive email updates from Trinity Church to keep up with what’s going on or to help support this kingdom work, please visit .


Reid Kelly

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Thank you dear Son in law Reid Kelly. I'm thankful God brought you & Lindsey together years ago. Love you,

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