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Sunday Worship   Give

Sunday Worship   Give

Men's Steak Dinner

by John Patridge

                Please answer yes or no to this week’s Westminster test.

  1. Are you a man?
  2. Do you like to eat free steak with no strings attached?
  3. Do you plan to eat dinner Tuesday January 23rd between 5:30 and 7:00 pm?
  4. Have you ever wondered what those people do every week in the big white building at the east end of Park Avenue?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, you qualify to attend Westminster Presbyterian’s Men’s Steak Dinner next Tuesday night.  For those of you that have been before, you already know how amazing it is.  Kim Makamson does an awesome job cooking our steaks every year.  He will fearlessly brave the cold Tuesday for at least four hours of cooking.  All steaks will be cut on site and to order.  Anyone reading this that has not been to our annual dinner, the Deacons of WPC would like to invite and welcome you to a night of food, fun and fellowship.  This event is a night where men of different backgrounds and denominations can come together and celebrate our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

This year’s speaker will be Dr. Sean Michael Lucas, Senior Pastor of Independent Presbyterian Church in Memphis.  I know he will have something beneficial and encouraging for all men to hear. 

Ladies, we need your help as well.  Please help remind your husbands and highly encourage them to get off the couch and do something productive. (Plus this will give you a night to watch all those girly shows without hearing your man gripe about it.)

To recap: This is a free event to all men, so please attend next Tuesday night, January 23rd.  Please feel free to bring a friend or three.   We hope to see you there.



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