Greetings from the Kaysers


by Ian Kayser

"Friendship is the greatest of worldly goods. Certainly to me it is the chief happiness of life." 
-CS Lewis

I can’t believe that it has been just about a year since we began our ministry in Clinton. In some ways it feels more like 2 weeks and then in other ways it feels like it has been 2 years. Through it all, we do miss our friends at Westminster and I am excited to share a few things going on in our lives here in Clinton. 
Here are a few Ministry Updates: 
First, this year our church elected, trained, then installed new elders to our session. This was way more work than I thought it would be, but through it all we could see the Lord’s hand on our church and I am grateful for the men God has called to this office. 

Second, our church has slowly and steadily received a few new members this year. The result is that we are working hard at developing a more welcoming atmosphere on Sunday mornings. We have written a new member’s class that shares the gospel and also connects people to the congregational life of our church. We are praying that the Lord uses this to bring people to the Lord and to our church in the years to come! 

Third, our church has begun the process of transitioning our music. For years we have had an excellent choir and an excellent praise band. The choir would lead in the morning and the band would lead in the evening - and both did great! So we have decided to lean into both strengths and in the coming months will be working towards a musical blend in the mornings- much like Westminster! So far it has been a smooth transition, and we pray that this continues. 

Here are a few family updates: 

First, I finally convinced Ruby and Julia to play soccer. For years they would tell me that soccer was for boys. I even took them to watch the Pillow girls to prove them wrong and they were unimpressed. “Soccer was for boys because Daddy likes soccer and he is a boy” was their logic. Well, they finally let us sign them up…. and they liked it!! 

Second, both Ruby and Julia have been attending Mt Salus Christian School this year and they both have loved it. The school meets at our church and it really is special to see them during the day. The school also does a great job teaching the kids the gospel. They have daily devotionals, they learn everything from a Christian worldview, and they are learning that the world is the Lord’s! We are so grateful for this school! 

Third, we are currently looking for a house. We bought a house last summer as a short term and it as been a good provision. But now we are looking for something that we can live in for years. Please pray we find a house we love! 

Finally, Yesterday I preached from Ephesians 1. The passage where Paul expressed his love for the Ephesian church. He has heard of their faith and their love for Jesus and his heart is filled with gratitude for them. I have to say my feelings for Westminster run this deep. I keep in touch with Richard, Josh, and have spoken to many of you. And the O’Briens were at worship in Clinton just last week! In many ways, the Kaysers are like missionaries that Westminster has sent out. And we are also your friends. If you are in the Jackson area on a Sunday, we would love to see you! Or if you want to listen to our sermons they are here:

For this reason, because I have heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love toward all the saints, I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers, 
(Ephesians 1:15-16) 

Grace and Peace, 

Ian, Harper, Ruby, and Julia


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This was a great update to read! Kayser family, we miss you and our hearts are full of love for you! Go Ruby & Julia for venturing into the soccer world!

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