Eric Metaxas

by Brady Warren

Over the winter, Jeff and I discovered the podcast The Eric Metaxas Show and we have both gained an appreciation of the show, quizzing each other many days over what was thought of the daily interviews. He produces two, fifty minute shows each day that are syndicated in 120 cities across the nation. For those of you not familiar with Eric Metaxas, he has authored four New York Times Bestsellers, including the #1 Best Seller, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy. It has sold over one million copies in 19 languages. His show covers a very wide range of guests including authors, news anchors, politicians, musicians, ex- KGB spies, former mafia hitmen and each Friday the show is titled “Fun Facts Friday”, where a friend comes and shares interesting facts he’s learned about Valentine’s Day. For example. Jeff and our family, along with Emma Hodges recently traveled to Clinton to hear Sally Lloyd-Jones, author of The Jesus Story Book Bible along with musician, Ellie Holcomb, who are on tour together. We learned of them coming to Clinton when Eric interviewed Sally Lloyd-Jones in his studio in the Empire State Building and she shared upcoming dates and cities.

As you can see, there is a wide scope of discussion that changes daily and is informative and entertaining. Metaxas is a Christian and personal friend of Tim Keller and is charming and certainly confident in himself, which creates sometimes intriguing dialogue between Eric and his interviewees. Jeff commented that he appreciates that Eric is able to have productive discussions among even those he personally disagrees with and I enjoy that he is passionate about faith, culture, and the history of our country. If you get a chance to listen, I think you’ll become just as fond of Eric’s podcast as Jeff and I have.

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Yes. Have listened to many Metacas pod casts. Agree his program is always interesting but he seems to overpower his guests. I want to read IF YOU CAN KEEP IT. Sally-Lloyd Jones has been a house guest of the Boyd's. Maybe we could invite her to WPC?

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