Delta Streets 2018

by Watson M. Pillow

Before I start, I must confess that all of the facts may not be perfect, and I’m sure I will leave some out, so please forgive me. 

Delta Streets Academy began six years ago. It has been housed in First Baptist Church for which I will always be thankful for their generosity in doing that. Then a few years ago Michael Joe Cannon of Cannon Motor Company gave the old Chevrolet building to Delta Streets. It was just used for basketball, building projects and summer camps. Then in January of 2018, we began to contemplate the building of the school across the street in the other part of the building. It started as a 6,000 square foot metal building that was the paint shop for the car company. Three classrooms had been previously built in it, but mostly it housed a bunch of junk. In March, Delta Streets' own boys that had been taking carpentry in the afternoon began to build the walls for classrooms, teachers' lounge, kitchen, bathrooms, storage rooms, and offices. Emily Elliot of Delta Design Builders drew up plans and the race was on. How cool was it that these guys helped build their own school?

When we first started, much prayer was lifted up and much needed. Three different times walls fell down on people and no one was hurt. The Lord was definitely watching over us. Then we began to put these walls up. We had people from all over come to help us… far as Ohio - to Carthage MS - to Greenwood - and a lot in between. Then we began to put up sheet rock, mudded and sanded the walls…. and one of Delta Streets own, Josh Gomez, and his daddy did this. The insulation was put in all walls and ceilings. Ugh….!!!!! Sheet rock, drop ceilings, door frames, doors (framed and hung), painting of walls was all completed with the help of many hands. A lot of this work was done by volunteers. They were amazing. Forgot to mention that all of these rooms had to have rafters put up. Oh brother! How much fun to put up 2x10 rafters. Did I mention that after guys built walls in May that all of this work by a lot of people was done in a metal building that was 90-95 degrees? It was coming together and so enjoyable to see. Next, the floorman and his crew put the tile down, and drop ceiling was almost complete. It was beginning to look like a school might start in August. Plumbing and electrical were almost complete. Praise the Lord that the air conditioning got turned on by the end of July!!!! Windows were put in and painted. It was coming together. Appliances were put in and hooked up. We did feel that we may make it after all. 

We have four days until school starts. Will it be all done? Probably not perfect, but close enough to get started. Praise the Lord. T. Mac, Phillip Green and Mr. Jim Geeslin are three that must be mentioned.  It is unbelievable how much time and effort they have put in. Thanks is not enough for what they have done. So what do we have? A nice school where 70-100 guys can come and learn and get a good education. Will it change them? It is my prayer that it will. It will be up to them what they do with it. My prayer is that they will get an education that will help better their lives. I know that an education can help, but only Jesus changes them.

As T. Mac continues to help with this building, let’s just hope he also is wearing all the other hats that he gladly wears……paperwork guy, principal, bus driver, coach, and all the others. And still smiling……Thank you T. Mac for your dream for these boys. From the beginning, your goal has always been to teach them about the Lord. Hopefully these steps are all in place to get them to …….come back and give back. One young man at a time….to grow, learn and spread these words.

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