Church Planting, Chick-fil-a, and your friends in Collierville: A 3 minute update on Trinity Church

by Reid Kelly


Greetings from Collierville! A lot has happened in the life of Trinity Church since I’ve last seen many of you.

First of all, let me begin by asking you to pray for my children, Nelson and Cora; they recently told me that they’re getting tired of Chick-fil-a. We know that this is nothing more than a scheme of the deceiver and are confident that the Lord will remain faithful to them in their waywardness. But really… 

In the midst of a world that grows crazier by the day, God has continued to be faithful and bless the work that is being done in Collierville to spread His kingdom message and plant this church.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • We have moved to Sunday morning worship with our core group (9:30 @ Evangelical Christian School’s elementary campus)!
  • Our core group is growing- we currently have 17 families (around 32 adults and 18 children) active in Trinity Church.
  • Hunter baptised our first covenant child, Eloise Vaughan, last week. Her extended family that came to the service nearly doubled our total attendance.
  • We have a wonderful pianist and singer helping us with music now (two straight years of just me singing and playing guitar is a real testament to the faithfulness of our group).
  • I just completed my first live, in-person Seminary class on the Gospels. Dr. Ben Gladd from RTS Jackson braved the snow and came to Memphis to teach. It was great to meet with other like-minded individuals and network in the Memphis area (which has been really hard to do since we moved during COVID). Zoom classes are great and all, but… not really.
  • My wife, Lindsey, has stepped into the role of women’s director- teaching a weekly Bible study, organizing events, and generally being a huge blessing to me and everyone at Trinity.
  • We’re about to launch community groups. Everyone is eager for the discipleship, community, and accountability that these groups will hopefully provide.

We continue to be blown away by how God takes care of all our needs. The gym where we currently meet is being remodeled by the school over the summer, so God brought a connection to another church that we’ll be able to use on the Collierville Square during that time. We have been so blessed during this venture, and churches like Westminster have been critical partners both financially and in prayer with us during this time. We’re also grateful for Richard and his service and leadership on our borrowed session- because he’s obviously got plenty of time on his hands. Thanks for sharing!

Seriously- I give thanks to God for your faith and commitment to the gospel message of King Jesus in your community and in ours. Thank y’all very much for continuing to support our efforts to plant Trinity Church. We can’t wait to host y’all when you’re in the Memphis area.

Best wishes-
Reid Kelly



Oh my goodness!!! This whole update made me smile...and cracked me up! That all sounds AMAZING!!! Go Linds being women's director!! And Reid, miss you and your voice/guitar at you do enjoy a fellow musician!! Truly. This is awesome!! And yay for an in person class! I know zoom is *as I like to say for many things in life)..."not ideal", ha! And tell your kids that stopping at Chickfila was literally THE highlight of our KC road trip-bah!
I love hearing your updates also. God bless Trinity Church
I love hearing what y’all are doing in Collierville! God bless you all, Reid!

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