An Update from South Asia

by B and M in South Asia

It's not often that we get to go public. We are working in a country where it is legal (and in a huge city where it is acceptable) to worship one God, go to church and celebrate Easter. Yet, it is not acceptable for foreigners to be training future pastors, planting a church, and investing in people as disciples. Of course, that's exactly what we are doing. And so, when it comes to getting registered in the country (as we are STILL awaiting) or answering friends asking "so, what are you doing in India?" we get a bit anxious. We wonder if the registration is just slow bureaucratic work or if they really do suspect something. Are friends asking what we do because they are meddling or are they simply interested? There is a constant living-by-faith-dependency in tension with fear and anxiety. We absolutely love what we are doing and often wish for the freedom of full-disclosure; yet we trust the Lord's leading and seek to make every day we are allowed to live here for His glory.

Would you pray for our family? We are extremely busy with shepherding/caring for people in our church. We truly enjoy spending time with these brothers and sisters; yet know there is always more ministry to do. Pray we would take a regular weekly "family day" as the summer break (from B's school) is here! Pray for our almost-purchase of a car to go through. We put an offer on a station-wagon-like car that our girls are calling "Goldilocks" or "Butterfinger". Westminster helped us meet the cost of this car at a crucial time!

Please pray for upcoming elder-training. B will be taking 10 weeks to train the 6 men our church nominated for Ruling Elder. We are hoping for unity and deep conviction of the gospel for these men, that God would raise up His elders. Pray for a summer women's Bible study M will be leading. This will be a great opportunity to get a few women new to the church connected with other women.

We are thankful to be semi-public for a bit. Thanks for letting us share on your blog and for praying for God's church worldwide.

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