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A Thank You from Brooke McCorkle

by Brooke McCorkle

This is a letter from Brooke McCorkle. Brooke was a freshman softball player at Mississippi Valley State University this year and began attending Westminster at the end of 2019. Brooke has made the difficult decision to transfer to Butler Community College in Kansas next year. Although her time in the Delta was short, she is grateful for the impact that Westminster had on her while she was here. 

Dear Westminster,
I just wanted to say thank you… When my parents and I discussed what church I should go to, my dad said he thought Westminster would be the perfect fit for me, and it definitely was! Showing up on my first Sunday, I had no clue what to expect. Were the families close? Were they going to welcome me in? So many different questions and thoughts were running through my head. I had not clue what to expect. Right after the service was over, so many people came up and introduced themselves and I know right then that I had made the right choice. Being an 18-year-old who had just moved 9 hours away from home, that is exactly what I needed. I’m so thankful for the numerous families the thave welcomed me into their homes, making me feel like I have a family here in Mississippi. From inviting me over for a meal, to letting me do my laundry, and watching football games… I am so appreciative for everything!
Going to Westminster has definitely been life-changing. I have grown in my faith, met some amazing people, and it has helped me out mentally. No matter how many different ways I say thank you, you will never fully understand how much you have changed my life. And you have made me feel so comfortable. I know I can come to you with all of my problems because you will listen. And you always know the right thing to say. One day, I woke up and just had a gut feeling - God was talking to me, telling me that Westminster was going to be my second home! Each and every Sunday morning, I would get so excited that I was able to go to church. 
Thank you for always finding a way to put a smile on my face when I thought it was an impossible task. Thank you for reminding me that there is good in the world, even if I cannot see it. There were times that I was struggling with something, but you helped me find the positive and see the good! Thank you for reshowing me how powerful prayer is. I cannot even describe how comforting it has been to have people like you! 
Once again, I just wanted to say that you for being so life-changing, and for all of the endless love and support!
Brooke McCorkle

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Sweetheart, you blessed my heart every time I saw you smile! I was pretty new when I met you also! We will miss you so!

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