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A Thank You and a Bittersweet Goodbye

by Derek and Elizabeth Hinckley


Dear Westminster Family,
It’s with tears of both joy and sadness that we write to you, our dear church family, to announce that we will be moving to Chicago at the end of July. We came into the summer months with no intention of moving, but after a delayed contract at Derek’s work turned into serious job-uncertainty for him, we felt it wise to look for more secure employment. 

We have been humbled by God’s provision during this time of change for our family. Within the first two weeks of July, Derek applied for, interviewed for, and was offered a job teaching 7th and 8th grade Language Arts at a charter school in Chicago – a position that he is genuinely excited about at a school that shares his values as an educator and that is only four minutes away from our dearest friends in Chicago, fellow followers of Christ. We have already received and accepted an offer to buy our house, and we have a place to stay, first with my family and then with our friends in Chicago, while we look for a more permanent new home in the city. We could not have imagined on July 1st that all of this would happen so fast.

Our deepest sadness at leaving so quickly is that we will not be able to say goodbye to all of you, our family, in the way we would prefer. We mourn that we are moving at a time when large gatherings and hugs violate public health recommendations, because we want nothing more than to see all of you, to be together with you in fellowship, and to give you all a hug. We pray for the day when we can return to Greenwood for a visit and do just that.

Until the time when we can visit and hug again, please know this: this church body has been a source of abundant and undeserved delight and encouragement for our family, and will always remain a significant part of the story God is telling in and through our lives. Derek was baptized as an adult at Westminster, we were married at Westminster, and upon our return from Alaska both Eleanor and Cecilia were also baptized here. We have been blessed beyond measure through the ministry of fellow believers here, and through our participation in the life and ministries of the church. You have modeled well what the body of Christ can and should be in the life of a believer, and we pray earnestly and fervently for the provision of a new church home in Chicago, knowing full well how blessed we have been here.

With love and affection in Christ,
Derek, Elizabeth, Eleanor, and Ceciliaby Derek and Elizabeth Hinckely


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