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Sunday Worship   Give

Sunday Worship   Give


by John Patridge

It is not too late!  Westminster Presbyterian Church is hosting a marriage Conference this Friday and Saturday, February 15-16.  

Fast forward to next week, you don’t want to hear your friends and coworkers talking about what a great time they had over the weekend.  You don’t want to feel left out and you definitely don’t want hear someone say “my spouse and I are talking now and we feel so happy.”  You already feel bad you didn’t go and now you have to hear how happy your friends are.  Talk about a bad day.  

Or you could just sign up for the conference and invest in your marriage.  We in the greater Greenwood area love to invest in houses, cars, kids and sports.  Just think of the money we spend fixing up the house. We trade in perfectly good cars to get another perfectly good car.  The hours of practice our kids invest to get better at a sport.  We (I) love to invest in hobbies that have no lasting meaning.  My point is we love to improve, to change and to question but when was the last time you invested in your marriage?  I will admit this is my first marriage conference and I’m really excited about it.  I hope you get excited and join us.  

Friday February 15th    6-9PM Dinner will be provided by Crystal Grill

Saturday February 16th 8:30am-12pm   Light breakfast and coffee provided  

Conference will be at the Historic Elks Lodge (102 W Washington St. Greenwood)

Childcare for all ages will be at WPC (804 E Park Ave). They will also get dinner and breakfast.  

FREE FREE FREE! This is a free event to everyone.  

They say it ain’t over ’til it’s over, and it’s not over until lunch on Saturday.  If you or anyone you know would like to join us please feel free to call or text me and if that does not work just show up. We will be happy to have you.  

P.S. A marriage conference may sound scary to some but I assure you that no one will be asked to talk or share their life story.  This is a listening and eating event.  

John Patridge

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